Category: the (mis) adventures of Pyramid Man

  • Postage-Free But Heartfelt

      Dear Inhabitants of the Interwebs, You Slimy, Three-Eyed Beasts: At this reading, may you be sipping on something mulled, wearing something fuzzy, and not hating those around you.  What’s more:  may you have protein in your belly and a carb in your heart. I offer up to you the following holiday greetings with a shrug of my […]

  • Sometimes I Get So Distracted, I Forget to Wipe

      Groom just disappeared for three minutes. When I came upstairs to, er, use the amenities, I saw what he’d been up to. It’s gotten so fun around here that I find myself drinking 467 ounces of water a day, just to earn repeat trips to the bathroom. Question: if a Pyramid Man breaks his […]

  • “(Mis)Adventures for Pyramid Man and For You, Too, Gentle Reader

    Many commenters on my previous Pyramid Man post were correct that “Pyramid Man” was inspired by the They Might Be Giants song “Particle Man.” When Groom started playing around with the idea of the Adventures of Triangle Man, however, he quickly realized that a triangle is hard to confound, as it can just turn sideways […]