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7 Reasons You Need the Free Crap We Set out on the Curb

I’m an accomplished trudger. Every time I carry a basket of dirty clothes from the master bedroom down two floors to the basement, I adopt a full-on trudge. Usually no one’s home when I do the trudge, but even if they are, they don’t care. The ingrates hardly notice my slow,...

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Who’s Your Daddy? 25

Who’s Your Daddy?

Back in the 1980s, I did the college gig all traditional-like. Squirming and chafing in Montana, I hit eighteen and began the countdown to flight. When the time came to start college, I viewed the 1,000 miles separating my new campus and my hometown as “a headstart on a life...

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“Birkebeiner, Redux” Tomorrow, North America’s largest cross-country ski race, The American Birkebeiner, will be held, despite–as I may have mentioned once or twice–a general lack of snow in the region. Race organizers have abbreviated the course, and only the elite athletes will actually be skiing a competitive, timed race, but,...

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