To Feel the Sun from Both Sides

I met her fifteen years ago, when I was 29, and she was 59. We taught at the same college, and my first semester there was her last. She retired when she turned 60, and although we’d met when we were colleagues, our friendship didn’t really begin until we no longer worked together. Having encountered […]

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Starring Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino, with a Special Appearance by Madonna

I have a friend of a friend. What? It could happen. I might have a friend, like from Cub Scouts, and this friend might talk to a bartender sometimes, and after about four vodka tonics, my Cubby Scouty friend suddenly has a new shot-pouring, swizzle-sticking “friend” blurrily weaving around there behind the expanse of oak. […]

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Time After Time

I’m currently the bologna in a Colorado sandwich. I’m aware makes no sense, so don’t scrutinize it too closely. Cutting through my nonsense, what I’m saying is that I’m currently in Minnesota, having recently come back from a kamikaze weekend in Colorado. And tomorrow, the family and I are taking off for, you guessed it, […]

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