To Feel the Sun from Both Sides

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  1. kmkat says:

    All my best, best wishes to Virginia, who wore my pinkish hat. She and Kirsten are clearly very special people (as are you).

    I had the almost identical experience when my mother died; got the call from the doc that she was gone (200 miles away) the same day I went into labor and had a C-section.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    kmkat: and you know I’m thanking you still for that hat. You are lovely, in the way of a Virginia.

  3. This is so lovely and I’m glad that all of you have had the blessing of knowing one another.

    Have a blast befitting the occasion!

  4. Beautiful story about an especially beautiful woman. I know she’ll be thrilled to see you.

  5. Kristin says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person! How lucky you are to have a friend like that. I read your post as I watched the beginning of the MN state hockey championship which Duluth East dedicated to Rachel Sandell, a senior also battling cancer. The student section was full of blue signs dedicated to her, and the hockey players greeted her by name. I think you provide the same awesome support for your Virginia. Have a great trip to London.

  6. chlost says:

    What a wonderful story. And what wonderful women, all of you! Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes to Virginia for her birthday. I hope that you were able to enjoy that dinner together to the fullest!

  7. lime says:

    may the reunion be sweet. may the sun shine warmly on both of your faces. may the memories the two of you make together one more time be blessed and remain in your hearts forever.

    what a beautiful woman. what a beautiful friendship.

    oh, and i hope you’ll all be sporting thongs in honor of her birthday. 😉

  8. Jazz says:

    Beautiful touching story.

  9. What a beautiful story told only the way YOU can do such a piece. Having just completed my second go-round of chemo (in December) and I know the odds are not exactly in my favor of not getting another bit of the cancer apple, I tend to look at things as not being “for the last time” though but the again theory. Works much better for my base outlook for openers to stay as positive about the whole situation as one can make it. It makes me cherish every day I get on the planet with my children and especially, with my beautiful grandkids, as well as other family and friends all that much more.
    I’m quite sure Virginia will welcome your presence at her celebration in that same manner as you said you are regarding things. She sounds very much like the kind of person anyone would thoroughly enjoy being able to celebrate anything with her. Travel safely, please and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the visit.

  10. geewits says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. I hope you have the time of your life celebrating Virginia’s birthday.

  11. Have fun–I hope it’s MANY more times you get to be around such a phenomenal, inspiring, GOOD person. Sheesh, just the EXPRESSION on her face in that last photo–that is a woman to be reckoned with–FIERCE. My only concern is that London isn’t BIG enough for the three of you–can it absorb all that spirit when the 3 of you join forces? I hope so.

  12. pam says:

    I remember reading a previous post of yours quite some time ago about Kristen and Virginia and thought then what a wonderful couple they were. Such a privilege to read of people such as these two, your history and the journeys you have taken , journeys of the spirit, all things that encompass body and soul. Have a great time in London – that entrance at the restaurant will be something!!!

  13. Monica says:

    oh wow – hope you had a wonderful time! What a wonderful and delightful surprise you must have been. !!
    I have actually just been travelling 2000 km to see my very much dearly beloved grandmother who is extremely ill with cancer. It was both sad and wonderful to see her… I hope to see her again this summer when we are going there for the holiday, but I guess the odds are bad for that…
    Life can be so hard sometimes… and unfair..

  14. Deborah says:

    I started to hold my breath about a third of the way in, thinking that this was going to end with some really bad news. And then when it became apparent that it wasn’t. and indeed would be really wonderful news, I started to cry. Oh Jocelyn. How wonderful that must have been – in my mind’s eye I can see Virginia’s expression as she looked up to see you there. It will help, a little bit, to ease the heartache from the One Last Time you didn’t get with your Dad.
    This was such a beautiful ode to a lovely woman. I like her face a lot.

  15. Marilyn Paulson says:

    I am Kirstin’s cousin & I recently was able to get in touch with her after several years. I found your story so wonderful. I lived a love story of my own for eight years before my husband passed & I know how special it is to find that one in all the world who completes you. I pray that all of you wil be able to do a lot of living in a short time. It sounds like you will be able to do so. Bless you all & thanks for blessing me with your story.

  16. Rita Sand says:

    Oh, Jocelyn, what joy to read this account of my good friend. You have done such a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of Virginia. We are all so blessed to have this woman in our lives, and you have used your gift of writing to tell others just how blessed we all feel. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. By the way, your presence at Virginia’s birthday was a treat that she will never forget!

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