Twelve Moments of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY TWELVE

On the twelfth day of Summer(mas), my middle schooler gave to me: twelve plushies thrumming —————— We can trace it through the generations:┬áthe impulse towards creative expression. Paco’s paternal grandmother is an artist, a painter. Paco’s paternal grandfather is an architect, a photographer. Paco’s maternal grandmother is a hand quilter, a stitcher. Paco’s maternal grandfather […]

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Casting Your Vote in 2048

In about forty years, if you start seeing lawn signs in your neighborhood touting “Wee Niblet for President,” I urge you to slow down your hover vehicle and take note. In Wee Niblet, you’d have a president who could work both sides of the Target Halloween clearance aisle, who could stabilize the economy (“One dollar, […]

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Famous First Words

“Famous First Words” (photo: Jay Johnson) The owner of these feet jumped into my bed this morning, had a little cuddle, and then uttered the household’s First Words of the Day: “I have dried boogers in my nose. You need to get them out.” If, like the gypsies of Romania, you are a superstitious person […]

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