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  1. Lil says:

    Congratulations on making it. And on taking that leap of faith and going with it.

    I’ll raise my next glass of wine to the two of you.

  2. Oh heck, I’m all teared up. You two crazy kids. Love your tribute to True Love and Destiny. Happy anniversary–and MANY happy returns of the occasion!

  3. Chantal says:

    you write such wonderful posts. I love this. You guys are lucky. Both of you! And good looking too! 🙂

  4. Bob says:

    Congratulations & Happy Anniversary to you both. May you have many multiples of 13 years ahead of you.

    Almost 6 months to the day we met, we married. I had orders to Greece, she had orders to Korea. All we really knew about each other was that we needed to be together. It was enough. Next month will be 28 years. If we can, you certainly can.

  5. kmkat says:

    What a wonderful post. I especially like — besides the fabulous writing, of course — the photo through the glass display case of you and Byron pondering the jewelry.

  6. Bone says:

    Bone’s 5 Takeaways From This Post:

    1. I really like this thought: “Successful” is a word that can be ascribed to any relationship, so long as you take something away from it when it’s over.

    2. Mmm, curly fries!

    3. Jollity. Good word.

    4. Nice calves!

    5. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary… ya big cheese ball 🙂

  7. I have never thought of relationships as failing. Even my twenty year marriage – it ended, but it did not fail. I am grateful for what I gained from every relationship I’ve been in. I think when you are in the midst of a relationship that is going well (for however long it does), it makes sense to count your blessings in it, to list out the things you treasure about the person and how you fit and even the ways you delight in not fitting. What would be the point otherwise?

    As for open relationships, I’m not convinced the ever really work equally well for both people. One of the couple is always at a disadvantage and ultimately I truly believe they do more harm than good. I wouldn’t want to legislate that belief, but I can only speak form many years of clinical experience. And I know I could not tolerate one myself.

  8. chlost says:

    Oh, you kids! Congratulations on 13! We just had our 33rd, and it amazes me every year that we just keep racking them up. Your relationship sounds so real-to-life. I worry about the brides and grooms of today, who are so caught up in the big fancy weddings. They are so focused on getting married, rather than being married. BIG difference.
    I absolutely love that Byron grabbed a male friend to dance with at the middle school festivities. That is wonderful on so many levels.
    You both “done good”.

  9. This is my favorite post of yours ever. It is truly the things we never knew we needed.

  10. Monica says:

    Ah Jocelyn and Byron, happy anniversary. I want a Byron too! And I want to be you!!
    and I am also a sucker for dark beer !
    What a great post – he sure is the best, lucky you found eachother!

  11. C-leen says:

    All hail Cheeseball Love!

  12. pam says:

    You’d know as a parent, that we are happiest when our kids are happy. Your respective parents must be ecstatic!!
    Loved the post Jocelyn – it’s what life should be about – I want more of it for the whole wide world.
    The thing that strikes me most about this post, is how much consideration sits comfortably with the “big L” word of Love and all that encompasses. Responsibility can be a heavy dude, but consideration always sticks around, urging it on to fulfill its role. Throw Love in there, invite Humour in, and hey – that’s some party! Firing my party popper off for you Jocelyn, with streamers of congratulations and good wishes for a continuing lifetime of happiness for you both. xx

  13. pia says:

    You hooked me with that incredible first paragraph and it just got better!

    Happy happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. lime says:

    your anniversary posts always make me happy. i have to say though, i don’t think it was luck. it was a series of a million tiny choices that allowed you both to grow together. there’s a foundation of respect for what makes you each unique and choosing to mesh it together because what differentiates you from each other is not viewed as a threat. you’ve become one without loosing yourselves as individual components of that unit.

    you’re right, none of us knows all we want when we make that first series of choices…even when we think we do. those later discoveries can be so felicitous, no?

    happy anniversary to two people who are a joy to behold together even if only through this format.

  15. Friko says:

    Only today I read a long article about how monogamy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and how a long life of togetherness with ‘the one’ is bound to end in tears.

    Well, I’ve served longer than you and Byron in my present ‘him and me’ incarnation and I can’t see that it’s ever going to end except in that 6ft hole down in the ground. Mind you, if I hadn’t had a few affairs during a previous life sentence I might not have survived intact.

    This is a lovely love letter to your marriage, may you have cause to repeat it in another however many years.

    PS: your comment came via your previous blog, I was a mite confused.

  16. Meg says:

    And now I have the theme song from “Love Boat” playing in my head….”Love, exciting and new, step aboard – it’s waiting for youuuuu” – but in a good way. Love is delightful, isn’t it?

  17. MakingSpace says:

    Bwaaaaaaahhhhh! (In a good way.)

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