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Ultimate Gestures of Love

Byron and I are saying goodnight to Paco, giving him kisses and discussing the next day’s plans, when Byron rubs at his armpit. “What’s going on in there, Champ?” I ask. “You got chiggers?” His answer is better than chiggers. “I have this weird knot in my armpit hair. I...

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Nine Volts

Chirp. My brain is asleep. So is my body. The noise doesn’t fully register. After a quick blip of “Huh?” I drop back into the blackness of sleep. Chirp. Hell and damn it. My brain pushes to consciousness like it’s swimming¬†up from the bottom of a murky lake, half panicked,...

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Cherish 18


As the Catholic priest with multiple boyfriends can tell you: monogamy isn’t necessarily natural. However, despite evidence that the romantic ideal of meeting The One and living happily ever after is a crock, we are trained from birth to believe in it. Perhaps we’d do better to widen the scope...

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Bestill 36


¬† My dad was the person who taught me to be comfortable with silence. We could get in the car and drive for twenty minutes without a word being spoken. While his and my mother’s relationship ultimately cracked under the weight of that silence, for me, the daughter, his quiet...

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