Ultimate Gestures of Love

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  1. alexandra says:

    Lump in my throat. Kind of painful, but I’ll work through it. Because Mark will make me some warm lemon water, and then I’ll point him to this as the reason.

    You have warmed my heart.

  2. Avie Layne says:

    Isn’t it amazing as we get older, how we change our definition, and in turn our examples, of what true love is? It’s not in the buying of sparkly diamonds but in the quiet acts that do not annouce themselves (not to mention the scary sacrifices) that are the true testiments of our love. The examples above are more beautiful than any romance novel. Well done my friend.

  3. Leigh Ann says:

    I cannot believe I forgot to send you my declaration of love! I have 2.

    1) When I was on bed rest while pregnant with the twins, I started getting depressed. I have no idea why. In hindsight, I got to lay around all day in the peace and quiet and watch cable. We don’t even have cable anymore.

    Anyway, this was all happening right around my husband’s 30th birthday. A friend had offered to make his favorite dinner – beef stroganoff – and a cake, and everyone came over to celebrate. But earlier that day, he surprised me by bringing me lunch from our favorite NY style deli. And he further surprised me with a bag full of aromatherapy lotions (stress relief), which he applied to my aching and swollen feet after we ate. So he brought me lunch and presents on HIS birthday. He continued to rub my feet with that lotion throughout that week, and when I was admitted to the hospital for more bed rest, he would wash my feet and apply more lotion. I cannot smell that scent now without getting achingly nostalgic about those days that were equal parts painful (difficult pregnancy) and joyful (babies!) for us.

    2) While camping last year, the temperatures dipped much lower than we expected, and I was freezing in my running shorts. Unable to sleep, I tossed and turned, and eventually muttered how cold I was. Without a word, Christian took off his athletic pants – his warm, lined, cozy athletic pants – and handed them to me. I may have been left sleeping on a bed of sticks and rocks, as I seemed to be the only one NOT laying on the foam mat we had spread out, but man, were those pants warm.

  4. jenny_o says:

    This – all of this – was what I meant when I replied to your invitation to submit an anecdote. But I couldn’t think of anything that seemed original or unique or dramatic enough, and thought I had failed. But all of these everyday tender loving funny heartfelt steady warm supportive moments – these, we have. So I guess we are fine after all 🙂 Wonderful essay, and Happy Anniversary, you two!

  5. Maria says:

    Last night as we were driving home from a boring dinner party, I told Bing, “If you had a beard and it got a chunk of ice in it, I’d suck it out for you. Just sayin’.” She glanced over at me and snickered. “Leave it to you to say something like that. Now, just to make you eat your…um…WORDS…I have to grow a beard….”

  6. kmkat says:

    These are all so wonderful. My apologies for not getting mine to you in time — my Wednesday post may explain it.

    Thank you for writing and thank you for being my friend!

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