Day Eight: Amasya into Tokat

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5 Responses

  1. kmkat says:

    My gosh, you write the BEST travelogues. Abluters galore, a photographer’s head sprouting butterfly wings — superb.

    I forgot to say how stunning the lit-up-at-night stone houses were in a previous post. In this post, I was waiting for you to remark that the tablecloth was actually a flying carpet — that’s what I saw when I first looked at the photo.

  2. chlost says:

    Photographic/political genius, you….giving a female Turkish photographer butterfly wings on her head.
    Loved this chapter of your story. All of that climbing. I think I am sweating more than all of you, just looking at the photos. But worth it for gay mannequins, eh?
    Oh, yeah, and that kebap looks and sounds wonderful. I’ll take your share. And just a small piece of baklava as well.

  3. lime says:

    i cannot quite get over the photographer approving butterfly wings sprouting from her cranium. the family tree is indeed a groovy little artifact.

  4. The shrunken head has me thinking “Beetlejuice!”
    ANYWAY. Your commentary just cracks me up. The gay mannequins. The baklava crew. The stinky feet. I wish I could travel with you IRL.

  5. Meg says:

    Mmmm. Dinner on a flying carpet; skulls with gold leaf; shrunken heads. You are having so much fun! I am working on family genealogy at the moment and I love the “bubbles of degrees to Kevin Bacon” method. Aesthetically pleasing, yet informative.

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