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  • People of Peace

    A massive storm is moving in to the East Coast. I am thinking of all of you, friends, who are hunkering down, waiting to find out how bad it will be. Closer to home, a massive storm is moving in on me in my work life–or so it seems, as I stew and await its […]

  • Sights and Sounds: Turkey Redux

    Roughly 30 hours after waking up and hopping onto the shuttle to Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, we pulled into Duluth. A delay (we sat on the plane in Paris for 2 1/2 hours before it ever left the ground) caused us to miss our connection in Detroit and ultimately added about 6 hours onto our final […]

  • Day Eleven: Hosçakal Istanbul

    We spent our last day in the country perfectly. No more museums. No shopping. No guide book. Instead, we hopped on the ferry to Kadakoy and then took the Metro to our friend Elaine’s house. She made us a gorgeous brunch and gave us laughs and insights galore. Spending time in conversation, remembering why we […]

  • Day Ten: Return to Istanbul

    This morning, we flew from Kayseri back to Istanbul and felt ourselves shift into the final leg of our trip. By early afternoon, we’d checked into our hotel. After a few minutes of gathering our wits and brushing our hairs, we headed out to visit a particularly wonderful little place called the Chora Church/Kariye Kilise […]

  • Day Nine: Tokat

    It is perhaps a blessing that Kirsten was our Camera Woman today (it ended up being a shopping day, which means my hands got full of bags, and thus I couldn’t be bothered to drag out my camera every time a gorgeous covered woman looking vaguely melancholy walked by). Her camera snapped most of the […]

  • Day Eight: Amasya into Tokat

    I’m sitting here, typing, and Allah-Allah, do my feet stink. It was a sweaty day wearing shoes that trapped the odors quite ably. You know what I could use, right?   Rather, I need a rousing round of this: The day started with some sweating, when Kirsten and I headed out for our respective runs. […]

  • Day Seven: Hattusa and Amasya

    I can get into the part of travel that involves standing in a museum and looking at pottery shards. I’m also pretty adept at reading plaques. I can really get into the part of travel that involves interacting with people–both old friends and new natives. We had the best time at our hotel this afternoon […]

  • Day Six: Leaving Cappadocia. Hittites, Brace Yourselves.

    Nothing highlights what a picky eater I am more than a table full of 800 bowls, from which I eat two things. I do like honey. And cucumbers. And the red pepper paste on the frittata. All the other stuff? Right up Byron and Virginia’s alley. More accurately, “down their gullets.” Indeed, those two share […]

  • Day Five: Cappadocia

    Someone had a very good morning. How could she not? Virginia and Kirsten loved their balloon ride, made even better by having gotten a discounted rate thanks to Laura’s clout and by the presence of a journalist in their basket celebrating her birthday. What better way to end a balloon ride than with a piece […]

  • Day Four: Cappadocia

    Travel can be intense, which is why it can be so vivid and memorable. It also, in the worst case scenario, can be why traveling companions begin to chafe as the days tick by. Not so here. I still like her: I still like her, too: And, lawsy, does I still likes him: In the […]