People of Peace

A massive storm is moving in to the East Coast. I am thinking of all of you, friends, who are hunkering down, waiting to find out how bad it will be.

Closer to home, a massive storm is moving in on me in my work life–or so it seems, as I stew and await its landing.

Peace eludes us. Because I am feeling tumultuous inside, and Nature is feeling tumultuous outside, I’m trying to regroup and focus on things that actually matter. Unfortunately, that means I’ve got a fairly self-gratifying post here, full of pictures I like to look at. Apologies if you’re already over-saturated. Maybe look at every third one and, if you’re bored, critique hairstyles and accessories?

So: Peace. I find it in the faces of people halfway across the world, people who have weathered their own storms, people who remind me that we’re all, ultimately, alike. If you have some minutes, kick back now, and take a look at your fellow creatures. You don’t know them, but they are you, and you are they.


I am also finding peace–JOY!–when I look at these next photos and consider the beauty of traveling with a Friend Not Yet Overtaken By Growing Tumors and the wife who loves her with a marvelous ferocity. A lot may suck, but this chance to share the world together did not.

So played out am I right now, I can only resort to pat, cliched thinking. Cliches are oft-repeated for a reason.

Thus, I simply say that, when storms brew and a peaceful, easy feeling is just something The Eagles sing about,

it’s people and love of them that make me smile.


In one memorable snippet of life, Virginia started a song using the word “bromidal.” Shortly therafter, we added in “diatomaceous.” And when you’re 75 and 45, friends, that’s what we call Good Fun.


So, as threatening winds gust all around, what do I want to pull into my brain and my heart–to push out the negative?





13 responses to “People of Peace”

  1. Jan Avatar

    You are holding on to the right things, my friend! Thanks for sharing more pictures of your trip and your wonderful friends. I’m sorry to hear there is anything in your life that troubles you.

  2. Erin Avatar

    This may be my favorite Turkey post yet. It shows so much of Virginia’s personality. What a treasure!

  3. Lil Avatar

    When storms are gathering, you hold on to what you love. You got your priorities right girl.

    And I can’t help but notice, watching the slide show, how different out vacation pics are. Yours seem to be all about people, mine are all about architecture, I hate having extraneous people in my pics. Good thing I tend to travel outside tourist season. It’s my misanthropist side.

  4. kmkat Avatar

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  5. Secret Agent Woman Avatar

    I don’t know what internal tumult troubles you, but I hope the storms pass quickly. I trust that you know where to find peace and joy when you need it.

  6. chlost Avatar

    Yes, you are definitely a people person, as they say. I love the photos. I love the ones with all four of you together, and the ones with what I assume to be your dancing/singing routine… what tune do you sing about bromidal ?
    When the storms are over, literally and emotionally, these photos will still bring peace.

  7. Jenn @ Juggling Life Avatar

    Oh, gorgeous. I would frame the last one. What an amazing experience.

  8. christopher Avatar

    Somehow or sometime or another we all get the message…take life on life’s terms…and make the most of it one day at a time.

  9. Meg Avatar

    Love. Just love. That’s all.

  10. lime Avatar

    not sure what the work issues are but as for the trip with your dear friends…you are definitely holding on to the very best things. you have created joy and memories together and that will last even when other things don;t. may it also sustain you through whatever storms are on your horizon. sending you much love.

  11. Chantal Avatar

    yes. That! 🙂

  12. Vicky Avatar

    Lovely and beautiful. Hoping those phjotos and memories will bring you inner peace.

  13. Monica Avatar

    Lovely to see such wonderful photos.
    Weary times are indeed hard… glad the books can ease a bit…


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