Day Five: Cappadocia

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5 Responses

  1. lime says:

    that picture of virginia in the balloon should be framed. it just should. it’s a dozen kinds of wonderful. and the guide who carried her. wow. that’s all kinds of awesome too. and i totally want to own a cappadocian church now!

  2. Pearl says:

    I can’t see developing a “great like” for kunife. 🙂 But stranger things have happened.

    And if those hands had come down on ME like that, I would’ve given myself a concussion getting away…


    p.s. As always, love your style.

  3. Truly the trip of a lifetime.

    I am pretty amazed that you can fit grading and blogging into your schedule–you don’t have time to sleep!

  4. chlost says:

    Not funny to scare someone like that in a tunnel in the middle of Turkey. I personally would not have survived it. But the ballooning! Spectacular! I agree. Frame that photo. It is special.

  5. Meg says:

    I’d have wet my pants if hands came out at me from a dark tunnel. Kudos to Kirsten if she stayed dry.

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