My Redeemer

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  1. Lil says:

    I’m champing at the bit. I like David, bunion and all.

  2. When I have a good interaction like that, I feel like sunshine bursts over my whole day. Seriously, it’s that good. I try to keep that in mind and smile at people when I open doors for them and so on.

    And I think that part of the impetus for me exercising regularly is to slough off the burden of the horror stories I hear every day.

  3. Pearl says:

    We are kindred spirits, you and I, and I have had two similar experiences.

    Which, having recalled, I will now write and share.

    Thank you, Deanna!


  4. Avie Layne says:

    Now and then we get the privilage to encounter a person that is truly good at heart. While it’s wonderful anytime, how nice that it happened when you were still “sore” from the previous situation.

  5. Joanne says:

    I felt your swell and thought that’s happened to me once or twice. But I have only vague memories, not sharp pictures. That’s just fine of course; vague memories still make us smile when we’re old. You make me resolve to record the next moment of purity that comes my way.

  6. lime says:

    well i am glad for the bunioned parking attendants out there who can blow away the ick of whatever hideousness occurs when people choose not to have the conversation. good for you for being able to receive whatever blessing felt redeeming.

  7. Maria says:

    I think my Ernesto could take on your David. He is the security guard at my building. He knows ALL of our names and a little something about us. He knows that I am always carrying a book, so he asks me about every new book I have. He has recommended several books to me that I have hated, all crime novels, ones with well seasoned detectives that no one takes seriously. I always lie and say that yes, I will have to read that one! But, there are about 600 people in my building and I kid you not, he knows ALL of our names. When he was out with a bad back a few months ago, we were all in morning because we had a new security guy named Andy who sat around eating goldfish crackers all day long and never even tried to guess our names.

  8. Maria says:

    And now, I have to write back and correct my spelling. It should be mourning not morning. I know better and it made me cringe thinking that people would read my comment and think that if I read so many books, I should be smarter….

  9. What a nice man … to be able to be uncomplicatedly good and positive when one’s feet are sore is exceptional .

  10. actonbell says:

    Oh, Mighty Jocelyn, you’ve outdone yourself–this is wonderful. It’s wonderful when kind, genuine words can erase of day of negativity–instead of the other way around.

  11. kmkat says:

    Your David is a gem! I was going to suggest that the Duluth Parking Gods recruit some of the Somalis from the Twin Cities — they seem to have taken over the parking ramps completely, more power to them.

  12. Jess says:

    Waiting with bated breath for part III.

  13. chlost says:

    I think I could use some redeeming….wait….no, redemption just doesn’t sound as good. I feel as though lately I have no redeeming parts in me. Thanks for passing along yours.

  14. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    We have the sweetest old ladies working our ramps, but this David sounds like a good egg, too.
    I always figured that for a rough gig.

  15. Okay, I’m catching up here, but ready for Party 3.

  16. christopher says:

    Caught up on the cast of characters in both parts as well…and curious about how part three unfolds.

  17. Deborah says:

    I’m keeping up, even if I don’t say much these days! Truth is, your stories are so good, and so full of humour and stuff that hits me in the gut, that I can’t come up with much to say that is equal to what I’ve read. But oh man, I feel for you about the blackened innards. And yours is about the best ever description of what it feels like to be at the receiving end of rejection that I have ever heard.
    Do you read Kate Atkinson? You’re got very different voices, but in a way you remind me of each other in that you talk DI-rectly to your readers. There’s no distance, no wall – I’m right there with you. And David is a prince. I’m glad he made you feel so good.

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