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  • No More Blue

    Bringin’ it home with Part III. ———————————————- A few days after the God of the Parking Lot Attendant blessed me and washed my blackened heart clean, I exited the parking ramp again. Delightfully, it was David–not his gristly, plucked-chicken, Vikings-loving, puka-shell sporting compatriot–working the booth. It’s a real crapshoot, the exiting of a parking ramp. […]

  • My Redeemer

    A continuation from the previous post. I believe such a thing is called Part II. ————————————— My stomach hurt all that day. It had absorbed the fallout of a couple people’s interpersonal cowardice, and I felt sad, sad, sad. It’s not for nothing that Byron and I joke about my alternate name being Counselor Deanna […]