No More Blue

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  1. lime says:

    have i told you lately that i love you? because i do. and i love david and his not-mormon-bunioned-post-adrenaline-crash self. the two of you rock on with the head bobbing a la chris kattan and will ferrell.

  2. Avie Layne says:

    Shoving dinner into my face and hanging on to each written word. It’s a miracle that I didn’t choke today.

  3. Jess says:

    You just keep getting awesomer. And I love Clarks. I would be wearing them right now if I were wearing shoes.

  4. kmkat says:

    Oh, David! You will never know the almost-life-in-a-compound you missed!

  5. LIl says:

    Clarks. Best. Shoes. Ever.

    Well along with Rockports.

  6. Maria says:

    This is shocking. I actually make up lives for the people in my life too…proving that we are actually somehow long lost twins. And better? Since our Da and Mother were born in Ireland, you are also IRISH! And let’s see…we were split at birth because my parents already had two daughters and couldn’t stand the thought of two more, so they found a couple in Montana who wanted a baby girl SO badly. My Mother wanted to keep you because, since we weren’t identical twins, you were a ginger and I am not. My Da chose me because I looked like a drowned rat and he always went for the underdog. And that is how I ended up growing up in a strict Irish Catholic family on a farm in Iowa while you ended up where you are. And hey…it has always been my dream to teach English, so there you go. It’s a TWINNIE thing. Life is weird, sis.

  7. chlost says:

    The fact that you are able to construct a life for a stranger, then connect with them-awesome. Soon David Livingston will be at your backyard barbecue, Clarked feet propped on a cooler, telling stories of his youth to your guests. Life just seems to work that way for you. I feel lucky to be able to share it here.

  8. Friko says:

    Phew. Caught up.
    I even reread part the one. And two.

    A veritable tour de force; I do so hope that it’s all true. I really do. And even if it isn’t I shall make believe it is.

    You could now write a new series about the drivers of all the cars stuck behind you while you were making the sun shine for David.

    I am so glad you don’t post every day, I wouldn’t get a thing done about any other blog.

  9. That must be a mighty empty parking garage for you to be able to have that sort of extended chat with the attendant.

  10. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    Only the best kind of mind can overcome such a revelation–David’s NOT a Mormon Muppet!
    And “no more blue” is my new favorite phrase.
    Oh, Jocelyn. Your brain and imagination are marvelous stuff.

  11. Bone says:

    This is another of your I-wish-I’d-written-that posts. One can’t help but wonder if you have these little stories for all of us? Just FYI, I do have two pairs of Clarks, though I don’t know them specifically by name. So feel free to extrapolate from that what you will…

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