Steadily Growing

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11 Responses

  1. Lil says:

    Lovely. He really is the best.

  2. lime says:

    happy birthday to byron who seems like a real renaissance man. hope it’s a day as fantastic as he obviously is!

  3. I’m gobsmacked by his art! That’s beautiful! Unusual! Thought-provoking!
    You married well, Jocelyn. I confess to having a bit of envy reading this post.
    Many happy returns to your dude.

  4. kmkat says:

    Awww. Happy b’day, Byron! Hope y’all had a great time @ the concert.

  5. His work is stunning. Happy Birthday, Byron!

  6. logo™ says:

    Happy birthday to the artiste and all around amazing man.

    May I just say that I love how much you love him?

    and may your blessing be blessed on his special day.

  7. Jess says:

    I might be a wee bit behind on my blog reading, but please tell Byron happy birthday for me. I’m planning to convince Todd bleach his beard and dye it purple as a birthday tribute. And by “convince” I mean, do it while he’s sleeping. Wish me luck.

  8. christopher says:

    Excellent…Happy 42 to Byron…and with the best still yet to come.

  9. Bone says:

    Please pass along a happy birthday from your quite-possibly-soon-to-be-international friend.

    That’s a lot of titles. Gonna make for quite the Wikipedia entry.

  10. Meg says:

    And handsome to boot! That you two are well-matched is so obvious, I can only wonder at how much fun you create together.

  11. magpie says:

    i love that last work of his – it has a vaguely Gorey-like sensibility, to me anyway. i think it’s those floating pieces.

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