Thirty-Three in Eleven: Monday, February 12

Things the Fully Dressed Lady in the Sauna Did During Her 90-Second Visit: 1. Looked startled when I said, “If you want the light on, we can turn it back on. I just turned it off, but it’s no big deal to me either way” 2. Assured me it was fine to leave the light […]

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Five in Five: Thursday, February 8

On the day Allegra and I eyeballed the various exercise stations filling the usually open expanse of the third floor of the Y, it had been months since I’d last attended the Boot Camp class. Some of the stations looked familiar. Yup, I’d held the ends of the big ropes in my hands before and […]

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Things I’m Liking

That Duchess Kate takes her own pictures of her kids for press release rather than having a professional photographer manipulating their little selves into pleasing moments. It’s possible I’m a fan of mothers with cameras stop calling my children “long-suffering” admire this birthday portrait of Princess Charlotte That the nieces of Chimimanda Adichie (the author […]

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