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  • A Three-Hour Tour

    A Three-Hour Tour

    True story: about three years ago, on some occasion when we were staying in a hotel–probably during a gloomy soul-suck of a February–we turned on the television to enjoy a bit of that glamorous thing called cable. On a very fine network, one devoted to aspirational lifestyles, house flipping, and hanging bamboo “art” in Vermont […]

  • Not for the Faint of Heart or Soft of Skull

    Not for the Faint of Heart or Soft of Skull

    Looks like Byron’s playing dress-up. Is he a coal miner? Hobo? George Michael circa 1983? Or is there another explanation for the state of his face? There sure is. Someone did this to him. His name is Denis, and he was assisted by a compact second named Henri. Denis and Henri led Byron–led all of […]

  • Cocinar


    There is a women’s cooperative in Leon, Nicaragua, dedicated to reviving and passing forward some dying indigenous history. Specifically, they are working to preserve ancient recipes. First, they draw upon their collective knowledge of recipes, and then they teach each other. After that, they open their homes so that they can teach interested parties, often […]

  • Faces of Nicaragua

    Faces of Nicaragua

    As a family who doesn’t draw energy from the holidays but twirls with hands to the sky at the notion of taking a trip, the choice was easy: we flew to Nicaragua for Christmas and New Year’s. So far, we’ve eaten plantain chips and yucca; tried the famous seven-year rum; felt the bottoms of our […]