The Shape of a Girl

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12 Responses

  1. Jazz says:

    🙂 That’s all.

  2. lime says:

    ok, fountain of blood kind of strikes me as a little like something out of a horror film. that girl of yours is a fountain of pure mountain spring water. cool, refreshing, sparkling, and beautiful in her simplicity. well done, young lady. well done, mama and papa.

  3. Monica says:

    Happy B day to a gorgeous and beautiful 11 year old girl!!! Oh the thrill and sweet anticipation of knowing you will give someone something they really long for and will be happy to get, is awesome!!

    Hope the day was great!!

  4. Deborah says:

    You have a girl not unlike the girl I have – uncomplicated, straightforward – a WYSIWYG child. Allegra is lovely and loveable, and while her personality is entirely her own, her approach to the world and responses to it have been shaped by her parents. So, while it might seem a little self-serving to take credit to the way children turn out, I think you should just do that. She’s not like you partly because you’ve made it possible for her to be herself.

    I still love the picture of Allegra and her brother drawing on the roof. It seems to encapsulate the whole Turkish experience.

    And lastly, you sure do know how to spring surprises. Not just on Allegra, but on the lucky reader who, getting to the last paragraph, gasps and chokes up at the wonderfulness of getting 22 back issues of Discovery Girls. Way to go, Jocelyn. May you bask in the pleasure of her pleasure for many moons.

  5. oreneta says:

    She will be more than simply happy indeed! One very very happy girl! Happy Birthday!

  6. This post is both a beautiful tribute and paints a vivid picture of your girl. She sounds like quite a “Discovery Girl” herself.

  7. kmkat says:

    I know not of Discovery Girls, but I do know of simplicity… and Allegra seems to be a treasure of it !

  8. I think for girls , that age (10-11 or so) is such an exciting time. Before the agonies of pubescence set in, before they start doubting their own strength – it seems like such an authentic time.

  9. Cathy B says:

    Wow, not only is your daughter just-plain-beautiful, but the way you describe her birthday present makes me want exactly that! In fact I went to the magazine’s website, and I wish it had been around when I was a tween!
    The birthdays from 9 to 12 are still happy memories for me many years later. I can only imagine that the same will be true for your daughter, when such a long-desired gift is waiting.

  10. geewits says:

    She’s not only a lucky girl, you are a lucky mom. May the luck stay with you both for all of time. I can’t wait to read about her in just ten years. She will be an outstanding young woman.

  11. Many happy returns! She sounds like a magnificent person–Elizabeth Bennett, Jo March and Anne Shirley rolled into a bundle of perfection!
    Now, let’s talk turkey (pun intended)–we need to arrange a match with her and my oldest who NEEDS a woman like her one day.

  12. Choochoo says:

    a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl… maybe the swan put up a fight.

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