They Delight Me

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  1. Avie Layne says:

    In comparison to the teenagers I know (including the spoiled one we spent 3-weeks traveling with) your’s are very unique, well adjusted, and a delight. I think some of the credit should go to how they are being raised. Well done!

  2. Joanne says:

    When my daughters would gush on about awesome boys I would say “Yes, but how do they treat their siblings?” Had I sons, I would have asked the same question. Good job, Mom.

  3. sweffling says:

    I also appreciate being around youngsters and teens for pretty much the same reasons as you:) But as others have commented, being raised in a secure, loving, thoughtful and intelligent environment also helps these delightful kids blossom, so many compliments to the parents.
    It is so sad when you can see similar traits in other kids but know that they struggle so much with their home lives that there is no room or energy left for them to really become themselves: often, pure survival precludes healthy growth.

  4. I tend to think you get what you put out there. I have loved every stage of my kids’s lives and I like you have always had an affinity for teens and young adults.

    My kids are delightful and my friends’ kids are delightful–which is not to say there’s never stress, but truly I think a lot of it is who we are and how we treat them reflected back at us.

  5. VioletSky says:

    I don’t have kids, but I have seen some sad interactions between parents and children, and some amazingly respectful childrearing. This reminds me of a dinner I had a few years ago with some friends and their three teens. While the parents were in the kitchen getting dessert and coffee I stayed at the table and almost didn’t want my friends to come back so entranced was I by the conversation and interaction of these kids. Made me wish I’d had siblings my age. And a secure, fun-loving family.

  6. kmkat says:

    I loved my boys as teenagers, too. They were so darned much fun! Yours are fabulous!

  7. JimB says:

    So I had to look up what was a “narwhal” and of course found this song:

  8. Maria says:

    Ah…here we must part ways, soul sister. Yup. I am not enjoying my daughter’s teen years all that much. When she was 14, still in braces, and still in love with One Direction, she and I got along just fine. And then suddenly she turned 15, the braces came off, she went from a clumsy little penguin to a floaty little swan and took down all the One Direction posters. And…turned into a boy magnet. Suddenly, boys were calling ALL THE TIME. And suddenly, she seemed to want to spend all of her extra hours with her friends instead of hanging with her two very interesting parents. She is still polite about it, but given the choice to go anywhere with her friends over dinner at her favorite restaurant with her parents and we lose. She still comes back now and then, crawls in bed with us, seeks me out for an opinion, but I have to hang my head and admit that I am no longer her first choice. I am like….fifth. Just keeping it real. And I am more than a little jealous…..yes, keeping it real.

  9. alexandra says:

    Ah, yes.

    My children are perfectly suited to me. I know how very fortunate I am to have children that appreciate a sense of humor, that have grown into individuals funny enough themselves to write for Dave Letterman, and who are so kind, compassionate, considerate, and open minded, that I stare at them, not believing they could be mine. Because I have never been lucky at anything. Until they were born. (beautiful, Jocelyn)

  10. I love this. I know how much joy they bring you. I’d say you aren’t out of the woods yet, but kids are variable so who knows? And even so, when they are that close, they circle back around after the storms. Mine sure did.

  11. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    *contented and slightly envious sigh* I mean, you know how to make GIFs PLUS have awesome kids. And you’re smart enough to enjoy them.
    There are worse rock heroes than Taylor Swift and anyone ready to name ANYBODY Rutherford has my vote!
    This was a satisfying post to read.
    Mine smell a little bad sometimes, but by and large I prefer them to most other people and admire their finer qualities. Hygiene will come, right?

  12. Erin says:

    Those two give me hope for humanity. 🙂 What fine young people.

  13. Meg says:

    I find a house with teenagers in it endlessly interesting. We can express outrage over injustice, curiosity over space discoveries and giggles over funny lip contortions all int space of a few minutes. I’m much like you: I like ’em more with each passing year. Plus they can do more stuff!

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