Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY FIVE

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  1. kmkat says:

    Yeah, I dislike “thunderboomers”, too. I think Paco, at 12, should be mowing the lawn. That’s how I earned money when I was 12. We did have a gas-powered lawnmower, although I wasn’t strong enough to start it. My mother would yank the cord, and I would trundle the noisy beast down the street as it sucked up and threw out sand and tiny pebbles to the neighbor’s house whose lawn I mowed every week. Also, I thought Steve Martin needed a pencil. I’m sure I remember him picking up a pencil on his way out the door.

  2. Maria says:

    Here on the prairie we have our own phrases. When something is really cool, we cross our arms and say, “Well, now. Boy howdy” in a very deadpan voice. We don’t let ourselves get too carried away here. And your Byron is my Bing. Our neighbors adore her. I’m just that aloof woman whom she lives with. The one who waves but never talks over the fence. And I’m with Paco about thunderstorms. Except I’m askeered to go down in our basement at night. Not because we have a ghost, even though we do, her name is Madge. There are SPIDERS down there.

  3. jenny_o says:

    Why come I can’t leave a comment on this post?! I’ve tried and tried but it tells me I’m leaving a duplicate comment!

    Maybe this one will work …

  4. jenny_o says:

    AHA! I will try again with my original thoughts:
    What a great kid you have. You could probably make a bunch of money renting him out to empty-nesters. Dibs 🙂

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