We’re Going to Need Some Witnesses

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  1. lime says:

    wow, now that’s a beautiful bequest, memories over money. have a wonderful trip sharing a place you came to love with people you love.

  2. kmkat says:

    All of you, have a wonderful timel and enjoy each other.

    Oh, and thanks for the earworm, Joc. I now have Can I get a wit-nesss / Can I get a wit-nesssss running through my head. Don’t remember the name of the song, don’t remember who did it, but boyohboy do I remember that line.

  3. Godspeed, friend, as you go to share your time with loved ones.

    (Glad you got your affairs in order, too!)

  4. pia says:

    Wow that’s wonderful. But according to my friends I’m the “um” girl. We’re talking casual conversation not even a video 🙂 They’ve been known to say to people “you wouldn’t believe this. She’s actually a very good writer” Then they look befuddled as if perhaps I have been fooling them.

    But back to you. That’s such a great idea of your friend’s. It’s great to have a will, also. Have a wonderful wonderful time. And 10/10 would have been my mother’s 97th birthday. She was an incredible person and it’s a great luck day!

  5. chlost says:

    This is a fabulous way to make a bequest to someone who is loved. How wonderful that your friend’s health is good enough to allow her this opportunity to travel with you and share such a special time.
    Have a wonderful trip. My daughter’s fiance’s sister works in the Embassy in Ankarra. If you have any health issues pop up (hopefully not) she will be there to help. Take care, enjoy and ENJOY the company of those you love in a place that you love.

  6. Lisa says:

    Lovely. Have a wonderful time. The post about your friendship brought me to tears. I had and have those friends. Safe travels.

  7. How amazing and wonderful. Them, you and the trip all.

  8. christopher says:

    Beautiful…a bucket list memory that will live on forever.

  9. Lil says:

    That’s wonderful. Have a great time.

    Maybe after 25 years it’s time Boy and I had a will.

  10. ilyanna says:

    What an amazing opportunity! Have a fantastic time, and make lots of forever memories.

  11. Meg says:

    Oh, joy! What a thoughtful and lovely friend you have and what a way to make memories. I shall think of you with envy while I sing….Can I get a witNESS? Can I get a WITness? Can I getta wiiitneesss? And so on and so forth.

    Now the hijab pic makes all the sense in the world. Have a wonderful time!

  12. Chantal says:

    Oh Jocelyn that is so so beautiful. What a wonderful friendship you have! And what a wonderful way to spend precious time together! I love it. I just returned from a 40th birthday weekend in Vegas with 2 of my life long friends and it is just wonderful to spend time with people you truly love being around. Hugs to you and your friend. Safe travels!

  13. Bone says:

    I like the heap of “I might pack this” clothing. I’m a last-minute packer. Not because I procrastinate so much, but more that I might change my mind.

    I’m behind here, so I’m gonna get to reading about the trip!

  14. Magpie says:

    I loved watching the video. It’s like the people of the Internet are real!

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