Real Cool

If you crave a getaway right now, click on these, and I’ll take you to the beach:

Then we drove up the road to warmer waters:

I can’t believe a kid of mine refused to put her head under a waterfall due to moss. What a pansyarse:




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  1. yinyang Avatar

    Pansyarse? Hell, I wouldn't even have gotten into that non-clorinated water in the first place!

  2. geewits Avatar

    That looked fun. Being from the east coast, it always amuses me when people call anything on a lakeshore a beach. Technically, I know it's correct, but to me a beach is on an ocean. My husband's family always vacationed on the shores of Lake Michigan and I tease my MIL when she says, "the beach." I'm sure that's very endearing to her.

  3. Jeni Avatar

    The last "watering hole" there reminds me of a place in a trout stream about 4 miles from my house where when I was a kid, a lot of the boys would hike down there to fish, then to swim. A cousin of my Mom's and her husband often used to take their grandchildren there to swim and so from time to time, they would take my two older kids along with them. Nippy. That's what that water is/was like, for sure. But the, so is the dam in a state park about 12 miles from here because it's fed by one of these mountain streams. We always joke about swimming in that dam though because there's so much sulfur content in the water that when you get out, you look like you have a suntan from the water plus it stains bathing suits too! Great way to turn your hair another color -and not green though, no moss!

  4. chelle Avatar

    Ooo what fun you are having!

  5. Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) Avatar
    Lisa (Jonny’s Mommy)

    I wouldn't have stuck my head under it either. Yikes! Diseases! 🙂

    (I probably would have done it for a buck!)

  6. Jazz Avatar

    How nice to actually have to cool off!

  7. Hannah Avatar

    Damn. I REALLY wish I was on vacation already! I would kill to trade my work outfit for a bathing suit right now! 🙂

  8. Chantal Avatar

    How wonderful to have such nice natural places to swim, so close to your home.

  9. kmkat Avatar

    But what if that moss is the infamous Girl-Eating Green Moss, you know, the stuff that has disappeared scores of 10-yo girls over the past few years? I think your girl was just being cautious and wise. Pansyarsed, sure, but better than being consumed by moss…

    (I am appalled at the commenters who offers reasons like "non-chlorinated" and "diseases". What, they think God created chlorinated pools on the third day so we could swim in disinfected germ-free safety? Sheesh.)

  10. jess Avatar

    Dat's purdy. When I come & live with you I will be sure to bring my bathing suit. Girl won't mind sharing a room, right? I can braid her hair.

  11. phd in yogurtry Avatar
    phd in yogurtry

    40-something degrees? YOW! Y'all are some tough swimmers! But it does look inviting, the Lake and the swimming hole.

  12. lime Avatar

    i have been in lake ontario in may which was fairly frigid. i'm pretty sure if i had testicles they would have retracted all the way into my own throat but i had to get in and swim a little just to say i did. that lake superior is still that cold in july is bringing back memories. the swimming hole looks completely awesome. i love the little waterfall. oh, and groomeo is waaaay better than david hasselhoff.

  13. Patois Avatar

    That looks like entirely too much fun. And "pansyarse" as a name-calling? Love it.

  14. Sue Avatar

    What a blast.

    Hey I saw Wilco play last night! Aren't you jealous? Aren't you?

    Okay I will stop being mean. It looks like you guys are having an amazing time.

  15. Pam Avatar

    Awww- you and Groomeo are the best for doing this!I love the sound of giggly kids laughter, and my years of teaching little boys has made me very boom-boom tolerant.I also (almost)don't hear pow-pow-pows or little boy racing car yeeowwws at the same level as others, who seem to crack before I even notice.Your weather looks so sunny! Ours is so cold with six more weeks to go until Spring.

  16. Midlife Jobhunter Avatar
    Midlife Jobhunter

    So, if Lake Superior is 46, what temp is the swimming hole? I've been on the bridge when I came through Duluth a few years ago on my way to Green Bay. Took the road along the lake. Beautiful. But my feet ached when I put them in Superior's water. After living in Texas and the land of warm water, I'm a true sissy. I am still a Lake Michigan and Atlantic Ocean swimming fan. I think.

  17. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    Oh brrr. I'm glad you guys made it to some slightly warmer water. Me, I like water that feels like bathwater.

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