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    He comes home from school and tells me, “My legs have been hurting again. I must be growing.” We measure him. He’s sprouted a quarter inch in the past three weeks. At just over 5’6″, the kid is taller than I am. ** We park by the garage. Allegra’s door flies open, and she skitters […]

  • Ode an die Freude

    By the time I finished my first decade of life, I had learned to walk, run, ride a bike; play piano and flute; jeté like a big-boned ballerina possessed; babysit; and play Boggle. Also, I had boobies and was on the cusp of menstruation. By the time I finished my second decade of life, I had held […]

  • My Buddy

      A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. – Bernard Meltzer   One of my best friends is turning 9 today.   He is a character–funny, perceptive, bullheaded, complicated. He is a reader; tests reported that he started […]