Day Two: Istanbul

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7 Responses

  1. Ann in NJ says:

    Those gates are fabulous (as is the sea behind them) and I love the people watching. My sister-in-law brought us Turkish Delight after her trip to Istanbul – we all thought the rosewater flavor was far too intensely rose. It must be an acquired taste because clearly it’s everywhere there.

  2. chlost says:

    What a gateway….to the sea! I almost feel as though I was at the market with you, what a lot of junk to get to the interesting stuff. It seems as though there is a LOT of abluting going on in that country, and the need for the pink saran wrap booties makes me wonder at a possible foot fetish in this country/city. The henna’d foot just tops it.
    It will be fun to see all of you back at the cave house. I loved that place!

  3. kmkat says:

    Oh, those abluters! Love the other comment about the possible foot fetish in Turkey.

    Your photographs are marvelous — so colorful and full of interesting STUFF. But the jamin tea baffles me — it just looks like a ball of STUFF.

  4. What a lavish place–from the food to the gates and everything in between.

  5. I found Istanbul a fascinating place – from the Bazaar to the mosques. So overwhelmingly colorful.

  6. lime says:

    gates and spices and pretty junk and beloved ones….a day of beauty indeed.

  7. Bone says:

    Wow, that photo of the palace is breathtaking. Not that the bagged feet weren’t nice, it’s just, well, it strikes me that I’m digging myself a hole here.

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