I Thirsty


Bad lighting.

Good intentions.










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  1. Julie Sucha Anderson Avatar

    Okay, couldn’t sleep. Got up, Saw this. Still chuckling. And chuckling. Most happy to sleep now.

    Does your YMCA have an indoor track?

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      Julie: Our Y has an indoor track. It takes 16 laps around it to equal one mile. Seriously. I do use the treadmill there, but my heart and head just love the out of doors, too, even when the weather is freeeeezing. Mostly, I like cold. Mostly.

  2. Mother Theresa Avatar

    Jocelyn, you crack me up! This was so cool! I really loved seeing what you look like “in action”, instead of just in photos, and it’s great knowing what you sound like…from now on, when I read your posts, I will be hearing them in my head “as read by Jocelyn”. If you are anything like this in your classes, your students must just love you. Definitely stay in…and do more vlog posts (and have some dessert too, if you want). 😀

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      I did some regular vlogging a few years ago. Here’s a link to one of my first, if you want to see me in less traumatic lighting: http://youtu.be/ntZq2rfTBpk

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin Avatar

    Full ninja. You. Crack. Me. Up.
    I totally thought the solution was so MOVE SOUTH TO WARMER CLIMATES.

  4. Jess Avatar

    Oh I’m all for not leaving the house when it’s cold out. Maybe you could run up & down the stairs a few times instead. You do have stairs, right?

  5. Shannon Avatar

    Well at least you get to coverup. Here in Texas where it was over 100 for 104 days, you see more than you want to see of most people. You, I can never see enough of. Thanks for posting and reminding me of cold weather and why I prefer winter in Texas.

  6. Meg Avatar

    Oh, my. I think I must now create a hiaku just for you that includes “balaclava”.
    And now for a question for those who run in inclement weather, how do you keep your feet dry? I can’t stand soggy feet. This conundrum alone has kept me indoors for my physical pursuits for countless Ohio winters.

  7. Deborah Avatar

    This tickled my Canadian Prairie heart. I don’t wear glasses, but your fogging-up dilemma reminds me of the subzero strategies you have to use to not fog up a reaaaally cold windshield. You know the ones. Driving with your head out the side window, breathing into your coat collar, or …not breathing at all!!

    This was great. Very fun to see you, even in dim light. And I covet your hair, really and truly. My god it’s gorgeous. .

  8. Friko Avatar

    Your conclusion is the one I came to by about the time you put your ear muffs on; ‘why bother’, is what I thought.

    My faith in human nature and you were restored by the end, thank you.

  9. Jenn @ Juggling Life Avatar

    You are made of stern Midwestern stuff indeed.

  10. kirsten Avatar

    oh girl…you are amazing…truly amazing…

  11. pam Avatar

    I’m with Shannon. Along with Texas,( our sister city with Adelaide South Australia is Austin Texas), we have hot weather, particularly this time of year and I am seeing way too much of people’s bods at the moment. I’m sure your Christmas shopping in Duluth is a lot more pleasant experience than seeing people reach up to the top shelf here, with hot sweaty armpits!! At least the scarfless shoppers heads aren’t lolling in South Australia (in which case the bottom shelves would obviously be the sensible option)

  12. secret agent woman Avatar

    The balaclava bit made me laugh. But oh my God. You have to wear a scarf indoors.

  13. Robin P. Avatar
    Robin P.

    OMG I’ve never thought about vlogging. (Latching on to the obvious is not my greatest strength.) But enough about me. That was quite entertaining. I essentially bail on outdoor running in the winter, even down here in balmy Minneapolis. Too cold. I see your scarf-wearing and raise you a down jacket. Worn inside the house. All the time. Throughout the winter. Not kidding. Family thinks I’m not made right.

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      Vlog already, Robin! I did it with some regularity a few years ago–back when we had a video camera that actually took a quality image. It’s way fun!

      Do you guys keep your house cold, to merit that down jacket? Or is it just your Californiacation at work? We keep our house fairly chilly, which explains the scarf.

  14. kmkat Avatar

    I have the perfect knitted solution for you to replace the indoor scarf. Once I finish my Christmas knitting I’ll make you one. But I’m not going to tell you what it is because I am cruel like that. How sensitive are you to wool? Personally I cannot wear it directly against my skin unless it is merino, but there are lots of yummy merino yarns so it is not a problem. What color(s) do you favor?

    You continue to crack me up. Wish we lived closer so you could do it in person. I had forgotten about the Circles video, but “I wouldn’t need my g-string” sent me into a fit of giggles again.

    1. Jocelyn Avatar

      Oh, honey. A knitted thing? Can I wear it in front of my Black Hat Neighbor Lady? Wait, I’d have to actually ever see her for that to happen…

      I can totally do wool. I am a blue/green/earthtone person. My skin is so ruddy that anything red/orange/coral is a nightmare on me.

      Excited and thankful in advance!

  15. lime Avatar

    lord have mercy, i am so glad you proved your sanity in the end there. i was worried perhaps certain brain cells related to self preservation had been frozen due to extended runs i the duluth winter. bring on the baklava!

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