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Public Intimacies 19

Public Intimacies

“Public Intimacies” Realizing that a change of scenery in January is never a bad mental health strategy, we’ve launched ourselves on a somewhat loosey-goosey week-long trip around the Hatay region. Think Southeastern Turkey. Think near Syria. Think Mediterranean. Think renowned for food. Think no hotels booked in advance. Think buying bus tickets...

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Compulsory 17


“Compulsory” Responding to the waving arm of a village woman clad in the traditional clothing of shalvar pants and long white head scarf, the dolmus driver pulled over.  As the door to the mini-bus rolled open, the woman leaned inside and asked in Turkish, “Is this the bus to Urgup?” “No,” responded the driver,...

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Hippy Hollyday 14

Hippy Hollyday

“Hippy Hollyday“ At the start of December, we made an advent calendar, a way of counting down to the Big Day.  Each of us took a little time to paint, draw, and glue our contributions. Groom’s little cartoon panels were my favorite addition to the calendar, so I asked him...

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Unleavened Barn Raising 10

Unleavened Barn Raising

“Unleavened Barn Raising” Only five months later can I comprehend the shock that overtook me when we arrived in Turkey. Had we first stopped in Istanbul, the landing might have been softer and felt more gradual in terms of West-to-East, but since we flew straight to Cappadocia (one hour flight...

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Saturated 15


Every. single. day. I think anew, “I don’t foresee ever getting over this place.” All of these pictures were taken within four minutes’ walk of our house. Just imagine the delights if one were feeling particularly hardy and ventured a five minute expedition.

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Open Book, Open Wallet 0

Open Book, Open Wallet

“Open Book, Open Wallet” At twenty-six, with a newly-minted graduate degree in hand, I got a full-time job teaching writing at a four-year university. My salary was $17,000 per year. It wasn’t for nothing that one of my esteemed college professors characterized the teaching of composition as “working in the...

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Songs of Experience 20

Songs of Experience

“Songs of Experience” The (semi) Romantic poet and artist William Blake is certainly no Mary Oliver to me, but I do enjoy the fact that he could invite someone over to “look at his etchings,” and he’d actually have something to show that visitor upon arrival that was, you know,...

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Principium Contradictionis 15

Principium Contradictionis

“Principium Contradictionis” Our Minnesotan friends Pamm and Ed have been touring Turkey the last week or so and are on their way to spending a few days at our house. Based on Pamm’s quick emails of update, I’d say they’re getting the full Turkish experience, wherein everything they expected hasn’t...

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“…gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”  ~G.K. Chesterton 0

“…gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder” ~G.K. Chesterton

“…gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”  ~G.K. Chesterton Dear Aunt Ethel and Uncle Frank: Thank you so much for the lint remover. I didn’t know such a thing existed! Maybe because I’ve been really busy combing my feathered hair with a huge plastic comb under the disco ball at Skate...

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